film & Arts

Our filmmaking programs teach youth, including those with special needs such as autism and those with profound illnesses, how to make films and have a voice of their own.

  • Produced summer film camps for 255 children with autism, their siblings and peers.
  • Designed curriculum for school film program serving 130 students with dyslexia.
  • Hands-on workshops in Sound Design, Experimental Film, Special Effects & more.

Guest Directors and Educators

Tamika Lamison

Joey Travolta

Lois Siegel

With the support and collaboration of artists, educators, families, agencies and funders, we can continue to provide inclusive and life-changing learning experiences through the arts.

Where Film, Arts & Education Meet!

Connect with us to create more inclusive educational opportunities for a new generation of filmmakers. We work with industry professionals to produce original stories. 

Production projects are presented by 

ArtLife Productions and Make A Film Foundation, in collaboration with many generous organizations, including:

  • University of North Florida
  • HEAL Foundation
  • Inclusion Films
  • DCPS (Duval County)
  • Museum of Contemporary Arts Jacksonville
  • DASOTA (Douglas Anderson School of the Arts)
  • FSDB (Florida School for the Deaf and Blind)
  • WJCT PBS Television

Short Film clip from PBS Documentary